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A new year and a new focus for DFR.....

With the health and beauty industry being the fastest growing industry in 2018 and with myself having a background and particular interest in this area then what better than to give both clients and consumers new information that is not yet out there in this vast marketplace.

Back before we hit the 2000's I worked in the cosmetics industry as a product development scientist. I formulated and tested new foundations, skincare, self tanning and nail products. Its seems like a different lifetime but the passion is still there. I love make-up and skincare. I understand the products.

The cosmetics industry has exploded recently, especially with the all the influencers on instagram. People are spending more than ever before on their make-up and skincare collections. Wouldn't it be useful if consumers could access some independent research on some of these products instead of just watching celebrities and influencers apply it and get the perfect pic. We live in the real world, not the instagram world so isn't it more prevalent to know what real people think and have experienced with these brands rather than people who are getting paid to show us how great they are!

DFR Health and Beauty will work directly with brands and uncover exactly what real people think about how good the products are.

If you are a beauty brand and would like us to do some user testing on your products please contact us

If you are a member of the public, would like to test some products and give us your feedback then please complete your details via this form Click here

If you are a consultancy and have a project in the health and beauty industry then DFR is your solution, lets talk about how we can work with you.

We are just getting started with this - excited to see the results we can bring!

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