The Recruiters Voice

This woman is faceless for a reason - far too often recruiters are not really seen or heard in our industry and without them where would be?

The industry has changed a lot in the last few years with much more research moving online, however nothing can really replace a well recruited face to face group discussion put together by an experienced recruiter.

Recruiters take all the stress and last minute changes that are thrown at them on most occasions without a lot of real thanks or recognition. The end client rarely knows the panic that may have gone on behind the scenes when they turn up to a group and this is a credit to the recruiter, but field agencies and consultancies often take the skills of the recruiter for granted and don't compensate them properly.

More and more I am hearing recruiters feeling disgruntled and upset with how they have been treated, the vast majority are doing their very best to find the best respondents they can with sometimes near impossible criteria and a lack of support from the field agency/department.

DFR is proud of the relationship we have with our recruiters - I often hear "its so nice to get feedback and thanks". This should be standard in my opinion much like good manners but it seems to a lot of the larger agencies the recruiters are merely a number and once they have a complete profile sheet the recruiter is forgotten until next time they are needed.

" A person who feels appreciated will also do more than what is expected of them"

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